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Soil Stabilization

Cement - Lime - Fly Ash - Bentonite

As a longtime industry leader, PWY has generations of experience in stabilization projects throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Our extensive knowledge of the various soils in these regions established our solid reputation for quality, from start to finish.

The use of stabilizing agents provides permanent alteration of soils to enhance their physical strength. This increase in load-bearing capacity allows increased and evenly distributed support to anything from parking and storage lots to paved and gravel roadways, building foundations, and taxiways.

Advantages of Soil Stabilization:

  • Improved soil characteristics (R-Values, strengths, reduction in plasticity)
  • Up to 50% reduction in base material costs
  • Provides overall savings by increasing the life of the section
  • Decreases overall maintenance costs

We work closely and in conjunction with Engineers and Soils Reports to properly carry out recommendations and job specifications.

Related terms included:

  • Cement Treated Soils
  • Cement Treated Base
  • Cement Modified Soils

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